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  1. name: Francisca Agustina Sancho Barrios
  2. birth date: 25/july/1931
  3. birth place: Manacor, Palma
  4. age: 79
  5. nacionality: Spain
  6. favourite color: green
  7. favourite food: baked lamb, baked fish, cous-cous, "tumbet"...
  8. hobbies: drawing, cooking, sightseeing...


  1. eyes: blue
  2. hair: grey curly short hair
  3. height: short


her childhood

Francisca Agustina was born in Manacor she lived with her parents. She hasn't got any brothers or sisters. His father's name is Mateu he was a pharmacist. The name of her mother is Agustina her mother was a housewife. She was going to a convent school in Manacor, she did not like to go there. She was a naughty girl and their parents had to scold her so much. Once down the stairs of his house on an ironing board.

her youth

She decided to study be a teacher. She gave classes at the College of San Agustin Palma. She had many primary school students. usually gave classes to students of first and second grade of primary. One year had 52. 52 students!!!!!! She always finished the clases so tired. Later she met my grandfather, Francisco Ruiz. After meeting my grandfather went to live with him in Palma. A few years later they married and had had 2 children: Miquel i Catalina, my father and my aunt. Spent winters in Palma and once that was over the college were going to spend the summer in Cala Ratjada until school starts again.

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