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Aquí teniu un treball sobre na J.K ROWLING, s'autora dels llibres de Harry Potter


J.K Rowling was born in Chipping Sodbury, near the Bristol, her house was a next to the church. She was the eldest of two sisters. The first school, was outside of Bristol. The subject Rowling liked least was: metal work, carpentry and gymnastics. JKRowling liked fiction novel, she read “Liltte Wamen”, pride e prejudece, “Feria de navidades”, amongst other. Nowadays she liked fiction novel and biografees, but she hates poetry. Her favorite writer is Jessica Mitford. Her other hobbies is music, painting and the theatre. But she doesn’t like Television much. When she finished her studies, she looked for any kind of work and ended up with the Amnesty International to worked the abuse of human rights in Africa. When she was on a train from Manchester to London, she thought it would be fun to write a book about Harry Potter, but she didn’t think it would be for children. She took six years in structuring the novel, from the moment, she knew would be a series of the seven books. J.K Rowling knew the sadness but too she knew the happiness. Now she is the richest women of Scotland.

Laura Garau


Apart de tots aquests treballs anteriorment asmentats, també llegírem el llibre De mica en mica s'omple la pica de Jaume Fuster; un llibre molt interessant; una novel·la policíaca. Com cada curs, no vàrem acabar el llibre. En cas de que sigui mooolt interessant, el segueixes llegint a casa teva.


Bàrbara Vives

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