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Project anglès

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Aquesta pàgina és un mostrador, del que serà el project d'anglès que esteim fent els de 3r d'ESO (concretament el grup format per: en Juan Juàrez, n'Alba Vaquer i en Maties Pons). Demanaria per favor que no ho modifiquesiu.

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This is a project about teacher's handwriting. The study of handwriting is the graphology.

Our group investigate about Tofol's handwriting.

Using the graphology we will know the characteristics of his psychology.

We gave him the text ``El Pi de Formentor´´ and he wrote it. Is Tofol confident or shy? Quiet or loud? Lazy or active? We'll know that when we finish the analysis.

How is Tofol?

According to his handwriting Tofol is a sincere and spontaneous person. He likes adventure and risk and he is also optimist.

He’s very sociable so when he meet other people he’s got a good capacity of adaptation. He’s nice and enthusiastic but he doesn't like to be the focus of attencion because he hasn’t got a lot of self confidence. He doesn't like to lose money because he's materialist. He’s got an exaggerated sensuality and an egocentric sensibility. He’s very prudent , logical and diplomatic, but a little bit aggressive. He’s curious, intelligent, and he’s good in deduction. He’s reserved and he likes simple things. And finally he’s a person who likes staying with his family and friends. These are some of Tòfol’s psychological characteristics.

These aresome of Tòfol's psychological characteristics.

Now we propose you a game.

(If you want to see the correct answer, underline the black line.)

Asks True False
Is Tofol modest? This is the correct answer! This is the wrong answer...
Have Tofol a quikly deduction? This is the correct answer! This is the wrong answer...
Is Tofol ambitious? This is the wrong answer... This is the correct answer!
Tofol likes the simplicity? This is the correct answer! This is the wrong answer...
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