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A cake recipe

Ingredients: Utensils needed: • 4 eggs - 2 recipients (big and small) • ¼ kg of sugar - a cake form • 1/4kg of flour - mixer • 1 packet of baking powder - spoon, fork and knife. • 1 cup of coffee of water. - spatula


First separate the yolk and the eggs white and get whites to “snow point”, with the mixer. Put yolks of the eggs into a big bowl and mix them with water and sugar. Stir slowly. After that, put the flour, the eggs white and the baking powder and stir them with the mixer. Then grease the cake form with butter and put into the previous mixture. Finally put it into the oven at 200ºC and wait for about 20 minutes.

Suggestion: Sprinkle sugar powder on the cake.

Ingredients Utensils needed

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